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I've really enjoyed reading these and wish we could come play with you guys! Alas, we are thwarted by geography. But keep updating; at least then I can participate vicariously.
(P.S. I've forced spoiled milk on K more than once, and she's lived to tell about it.)

I'm fond of Zombie Fluxx myself. Especially when "Groaning Required" is in play. :-)

The addition of the creepers extends the play a bit. We also have Monty Python Fluxx. You can gain bonuses for singing...

How fun! Hmmmm....does it have to be Python tunes? Not sure I remember all the words to Every Sperm is Sacred...

Just don't waste 'em!

Lisa: I really have to pay more attention to expiration dates. So far, no repeats. But the future is--dare I say it?--milky.

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