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On this extraordinarily dry day in Seattle, I know neither Gin nor Rummy. I couldn't even tell you the basic rules. I've never seen them played.

I can play 5 card Poker, but Texas Hold 'Em confuses me. I love Chess and Go, but have never played Checkers.

War, yes, but it gets boring fast, and lots of Old Maid.

Dominoes, are as discussed.

thoughts on Gin and Rummy -

Perhaps this is a knowledge transmission issue. My parents did not teach me how to play games. I never even observed them playing games. I learned Solitaire and Poker from neighbor kids. The other games I learned at school/as an adult. If parents either a. don't use games as a social activity at all,(your parents clearly did) or b. don't consider their children to be worthwhile gaming partners, then it would make sense that this would affect the kinds of games learned. You scrape up knowledge where you find it. This certainly was the case for me. I daresay Dana may fit in that category too.

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