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May 15, 2006



And now Kat's got me too into this mess!!! Hi, Chinese practitioner out here in Asia. Our system of Yang family taiji does not have much of a hang up about dantian. In fact, we hardly mention it. Instead we talk about the 3 qi rings ;-) ....and its about energetics.......Nice blog, by the way. Ciao!!!


Thanks for stopping by zenmindsword. I like the stuff you've got on your blog as well. You've written about Dong family taiji over there. The teacher here studied that form as well. I like the idea of the three chi rings and I'm jealous of the focus on energetics. Right now, I'm mostly into feet. For what that's worth.


Hi RP. I never really knew the torso method was developed by the wu/hao camp as I actually heard it from my chen instructor. He basically told me to keep that whole area relaxed and imagine it melting downward.

I also haven't really gotten into the energetic side of the world, which is probably quite apparent from my posts and it's focus on the "physical howto" of taiji. Maybe that's all the chen creep :)

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